Monday, April 7, 2008

TSRA & PLXS Sold, $74.01 profit...

Both TSRA and PLXS triggered their stops today:
SymbolActionQtyAcct TypePriceTotal
Seeing as I originally bought PLXS for $2,601.99 total, and TSRA for $2,159.47, that leaves me with a net profit of $74.01 on both.

I am now completely exited from all positions, the first time that's been the case since I've started.

TSRA has been all over the place. Early on, it was trading in a range from $22.42 to $22.60 or so. My trailing stop was set for $22.41 and I watched it come very, very close several times before finally triggering. A bit later, the stock shot up to $22.95, but it's come back down to $22.37-ish. I have a standing limit order to buy back 100 @ $21.55, but it's doubtful it'll drop far enough to hit that today, since it's up on the day and opened at $22.

PLXS ended up costing me all of $5, but it's hovering right around the same point so I'm not too upset.

I'm beginning to formulate strategies for my upcoming trip. I'll be gone for over two weeks and won't have much access to internet. I'm definitely considering just buying two solid shares of BRK/B, especially if it keeps tanking like it has. It's down to $4,360 after having hit $4,466 when I sold it.

Google also looks poised for a breakout. It's hitting $480 right now, but it's been swinging back down as well. We'll see what happens when earnings come up soon.

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