Friday, April 11, 2008

Buying Abbott Laboratories (ABT)...

Lackluster day today. Tessera bounced around and ended low, no big deal, it'll bounce back up tomorrow. Will try to sell in the $22 range.

American Airlines completely surprised me with a BUNCH of short covers and support actually bringing it *up* 7%. Who knew.

Buying Abbott Laboratories in advance of their earnings announcement on the 16th. Could get bitten bad on this: 65 @ 53.91. Hoping to see maybe 3-7% gains, though. Could easily swing down up to 10% on missed expectations, etc. I'll bail if it looks choppy before the call. Shouldn't be an issue though, I think. Pharma is stable if there aren't any massive, unforeseen patent/lawsuit issues and Abbott has had some good news coming their way and little movement elsewhere so let's see if this pans out. Getting on board a good few days before the announcement to allow myself to profit from any gaps. Again, though, it could swing either way.

I'm beginning to look for a short-medium-term strategy for the trip. I'll be gone for a full 19 days and completely out of touch with regards to stock and such. I'm thinking I'll buy into either GOOG or back into BRK, since they're relatively low impact—but GOOG's earnings announcement could affect that a lot. Same with AAPL, but they have both traded really strongly this past month. Not sure if they'll correct back down or not.

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