Friday, April 4, 2008

Portfolio Recap

I started this blog and my "trading career" three weeks ago today.

Let's look at how I've fared:

As of right now, I'm up almost exactly $300. On exactly $7,500 invested. (Bear Stearns required an additional $1,000 that was put into play for liquidity purposes; that original $1,000 was withdrawn the next day.) So we're looking at a 4% return in under a month.

Not bad, but it can definitely be better. My PLXS play didn't bounce upward enough; buying in at $26 was a bad call; not enough volatility/upward motion to cause it to gap at open and it hovered in the $25.50s through most of the day before closing at $26.01. Gain before commissions: $1. We'll see what happens to it on Monday, but I'll close my position on that sooner or later; was just making an anticipated correction play.

Tessera is getting more and more interesting. The Ankor hearing should be wrapping up with results coming this week. It's performed shockingly well all week, though it slipped some 41 cents today. (And at 100 shares, I do feel it.) I'm not holding it for those tiny gains and losses. I'm hoping some big news pushes it up to the $30-$40 range. Positive Ankor news would be best, but MOTO settlement would be the holy grail. Unfortunately, Ankor is short-term. MOTO definitely isn't, it seems.

We'll see what happens next week. My holdings are worth exactly $4,800.00 right now, which leaves me with $2,700 in liquid assets.

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