Thursday, April 3, 2008

RIMM Sold, small profit...

Today's Completed Orders
SymbolActionQtyAcct TypePriceTotal
Sold RIMM today with a trailing stop set at .75 that followed it along. Should've held on a little tighter, since it's trading in the $123.25 range now.

Realistically, I should've sold it yesterday in after hours when it spiked to $125. Definitely should've recognized that it wasn't going much higher than that and made off with it then. But alas.

Net profit after commission: $57.97 or roughly 1.6%. Not great, but better than taking a loss. Could've realized up to $220. This entire game is about timing and learning to read the market a little better. I definitely didn't anticipate a drop off to the $115 range right before market close last night, especially considering that the earnings announcement was scheduled for after the bell. I could've bought in then and sold a few hours later at the $124-$125 mark for a much healthier profit.

Had a margin call issued because of the free-ride this constituted. (Since I bought RIMM with unsettled funds and then sold it before said funds settle, it's considered sold on the margin. Since the previously sold securities I bought this with will settle up before my purchase or sale of RIMM, I'll pay no margin fees or anything though.)

Also, still holding Tessera which is up $0.38, for a net gain of $38. This is its third day of gains thus far, if it holds. I'm guessing it'll start to bounce down soon. Again, this is a medium-term holding until at LEAST the Ankor hearing results or some other info on their MOTO case come out. I'm sitting on a bit of a powder keg, but if the patents are truly valid, this could explode to the $40s. Or plummet to the $10 or lower if they're not.

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