Sunday, April 27, 2008

On Vacation...

I forgot to post that I'm actually on vacation right now, on a cruise ship for about 2 weeks. I made a QQQQs play, looking for it as a long-term. Overbought, so that I was on margin, had bought at the dip, caught that I was in margin while at the airport, sold it off in afters for about $120+ profit.

I made some on my MOS play.

I'm watching V break its initial resistance. $100 by August, anyone? (I don't own any, though...)

And I have a standing bracketed OCO order for TSRA when it hits $19.45, stop at $18.85, trailing stop set to trigger at $21.25 for 17 cents. We'll see if that plays.

If you don't see any movement here, that's because I'm gone til May 13th. Cheers!

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