Thursday, April 10, 2008

Averaging in TSRA...

Bad day on the market, but I bought another 100 shares of TSRA, this set at $21.31. As it closed at $21.66, not a bad scene. Should've sold off the first 100 at open, but no big deal. Since I bought the first 100 @ $21.55, still doing alright. I'll sell at least 100 if it hits $22.40-ish again. $22.60 or whatnot would be ideal.

Why not sell the whole load? Because I'm still expecting news on the Amkor settlement and don't really want to miss the bump I'm expecting we'll get on that. Though the settlement talks were to end on the 8th, so perhaps nothing going til next week, once a decision is made...

Want a near sure thing? Short AMR (American Airlines' parent company). They've had to nix another 1,000 flights for MD-80 checks and that's going to hurt them something awful. Note to American Airlines: Get this shit fixed before I fly you on the 25th. Seriously. They already tanked 10% Wednesday, so they might his some support (because stuff like this can only "damage" you temporarily so much) but I think we could see another 5-10% today. It'll probably gap before pre-market and not be worth waking up for, though. Let's take a look at what happens when the market opens.

Fun fact: If I had bought 10 shares of GOOG at the beginning of this and held them until Monday, without any other activity, I would've made $536, instead of the $374 I'm sitting on now. Not sure what'll happen with their earnings though, but might be a good buy if it gets beaten up again, which some are expecting.

Even sadder? If I had bought 34 shares of AAPL (about the same price as 10 of GOOG at the time) and sold now, I'd be up $998. Medium-term may really be the way to go, at least with some of my liquidity. Berkshire's only up $30 from when I first bought it though.

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