Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trailing Stop Triggered: So long, Visa

SymbolActionQtyAcct TypePriceTotal
Visa, I hardly knew ye.

After having bought Visa at its post-IPO glowing peak for 35 @ $64.95 / $2,280.95, it sold today after triggering a 3% trailing stop at $2,154.23, net loss of $126.72. It never pushed past the resistance I regrettably bought at, and while I still expect it to surge into the $100s in the coming months, perhaps after an earnings statement and on strong transactional growth, it wasn't doing it anytime soon.

This was an issue of liquidity—I had wanted in at $55 and got in at $64.95 instead.

This actually represents the first position I've exited at a loss and it's very clearly not going to be the last. It's also a good lesson in momentum and resistance. I had figured it would want to push clear the level I bought it at, but it only spiked an extra few cents and never hit that level again.

Alas. Let's see what happens with TSRA and what I can buy with the liquidity I have from the V and BRK sales. I've got $5,550 available for trading. Time to make some use of it.

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