Thursday, April 17, 2008

GOOG spikes dramatically...

Damn. 17% in aftermarket from $445 to $525. Should've jumped on board, but it was looking kinda scary with their new quality controls. Be greedy when others are fearful, though...

ABT is just festering for no good reason. I'm going to hold it a few more days and then dump it if we don't get Xience news. Sad that it beats expectations, beats guidance and posts strong numbers and still drops. Worse still that it's doing this in the midst of plenty of other pharmas posting bad numbers and it's not able to pick up slack from them.

Still waiting on Amkor news from TSRA... Still have high hopes.

I think I'm going to buy into AAPL for next week's earnings call and go long, perhaps for the trip. We'll see how risky I'm feeling. For now, I'm still down about $100 total. Kinda sucks. (The Coverstor shows the return on my brother's in-and-out movement, so that's why it's showing a positive return.)

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