Monday, March 24, 2008

Visa stings, BSC turns out to be a good call...


Some confusing numbers up above, due to Google knowing I was only holding BSC for the day and neglecting to report any of my profits on it because it's technically no longer in my portfolio. At the very least, you can see that the market had a strong day in general with Google leading the charge up $27.01. Apple was healthy as well at $6.26/4.70%. But Visa met with some nasty downtrending with someone apparently selling heavy into the rallies that would've otherwise drove it up.

As a result, I've gotten dangerous close to my 15% trailing stop. And as a result of that, I think I'm going to switch it to just a flat stop at $57 to buy myself some cushion (about 50 cents worth) tomorrow. I'm predicting it bounces heavy tomorrow—a lot of people want this for a long term buy and were waiting for it to drop below $60 before buying in. Now will be their time and hopefully I can exit the position around $70 or $75, or at least establish a nice and healthy trailing stop there.

I won't let it drop below $55 at the VERY least though, and I'm going to set the stop loss at $57 right now. It'll suck to lose just about as much as I made today on BSC, but that's how things work. (It's more or less just frustrating because I think a bounceback is imminent, but waiting and wishing doesn't make it so.) (Okay, I lied. $56.75.)

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