Thursday, March 20, 2008

BRK Bounceback...

Berkshire was bouncing around a bunch today. Of course, looking at it every day is purely an academic exercise since I'm not touching it. Could've averaged in over the past two days when it was in the $4,200 range, but that only works for long-term positions and I'm not looking to tie up another $4k.

*Someone* thought well to buy in on a bit of a low point for [BRK], pushing it up $82 in a series of big buys towards the end of the day in rapid fire.

My buy of [V] (which isn't showing up above because I paste that from Google Finance who isn't yet allowing you to add [V] as a portfolio symbol yet) of 35 @ 64.97 smarted just a touch by close @ 64.24; it hit its resistance right about there but damn if I didn't think it'd push past the 15% gains mark.

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