Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trailing stops triggered: GOOG & AAPL sold


3/27/20081:38:28 PM4/1/2008

3/27/20089:30:01 AM4/1/2008
The trailing stops I had established for both Google and Apple triggered today, at $446.00 and $141.47 (or $438.99 / $134.45 after commission.) I had purchased GOOG at $435.94, leaving a whopping profit of $3.05, and AAPL at $130.35 leaving a profit of $134.46. I specifically set the trailing stops to trigger once I had hit my near-breakeven point, after commissions.

In the end, Scottrade made more on these than I, with $28 in total profit. This is why I need to be entering in at more than one share a trade volume.

Visa's next on its way out and then we'll see what happens with Berkshire. My extra, boosted deposit cleared its withdrawal after settlement, putting me firmly at $7,687.24 / $7,500.00 or up about $187.24 or nearly 2.5% in about two weeks. Not bad. Need more plays like Bear Stearns. In. Out. Quick turnaround. Closer to day trading. But that also brings a lot more risk with it. We'll see what happens.

And I'll make an AAPL/GOOG play before their earnings calls later next month. Which way I'll bet is anyone's guess. Hearing some scary things about Google's Q1 results, but AAPL might be hot. On a day with exceeded expectations, you can always expect a 5%+ gain. Likewise a loss on failed expectations, for certain.

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