Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nothing much.

Some nice gains today. No trailing stops triggered. I'm bumping up my V trailing stop I think. (I actually converted it to a straight stop.)

It's still finding its place in the world, so to speak, and that place is probably under $70. Needed more liquidity to play that right but alas.

I'm keeping this one short—huge presentation in just a few hours. Wishing Berkshire would bounce back and still considering canning it for now and playing around with a bit more liquidity in the short term.

Thoughts? Worth the maybe-it'll-hit-$5,500 (gain of about $1700) within a year to hold onto it? Or can I make more with a bunch of smaller, high-octane, higher risk plays?

Am I too young, so to speak, for Berkshire?

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