Friday, March 28, 2008

Exits all around... (RHT, BRK/B, V)

Red Hat, Inc. (RHT)
As I feared, Red Hat is a bit too low in volume to really push past a 5% gain. I bought pretty much at market open, and pretty much at its peak thus far of $18.58 and worse still, after it had made its biggest move in after hours yesterday. It's showing strong resistance at $18.80-ish, and I don't think we'll see it move past that. Trailing stop set: 57 @ 1% / $18.4734.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B)
Berkshire is having it's daily spike up, as high as $4,450 when I started writing this. It's at $4,432, with me having bought in at $4,374.50. Trailing stop set: 1 @ 1% / $4,393.55, guaranteed profit of all of $20. (After commission.) Hopefully we can squeeze out just a little more, but I want some big liquidity back. I'll probably keep my eye on it and watch for it to fall to $4,200 to buy in again. It's moving up almost no matter what; buying on the dip of the range is a good call.

Visa (V)
This stock just won't settle down. Everyone expects it to perform exactly like Mastercard—to take off and break out in the next couple of months and skyrocket into the $200s. It took MA four months to move and MA had a lackluster first few months at best, opening at $44 like V, and only hitting the $50s until month 4, when it broke out in a big way:

In the meantime, nothing's moving on it and today, it's taking a bit of a hit, trending downwards and unable to gain any ground on its rallies. We'll see where it lands. Trailing stop set: 35 @ 5% / $60.268

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