Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preparing my exits...

Symbol Last price Change Shares Cost basis Mkt value Gain Gain % Day's gain
AAPL 140.98 1.45 1 123.35 140.98 17.63 14.29 1.45
GOOG 450.78 -9.78 1 428.94 450.78 21.84 5.09 -9.78
BRK.B 4300 -41 1 4367.5 4300 -67.5 -1.55 -41
V 63.1 3.37 35 2273.95 2208.5 -65.45 -2.88 117.95

$7,193.74 $7,100.26 ($93.48) -1.30% $68.62

Someday, I'll figure out how to accurately represent my performance in the market. The above Google Finance output, for instance, doesn't much care about my BSC deal which netted me $280, instead highlighting that I've lost on V and BRK.B.

Visa had a decent day today and didn't hit my STOP for it. I've established 3% trailing stops for both GOOG and AAPL, which will put me at an extremely meager profit for each of them; it's stupid to be playing with that cost with such low volume. The commissions make it completely inefficient. Lesson learned.

I'm also considering pulling out of BRK.B. It's not underperforming or anything; I expect in a year or less it'll be breaking $5,000 or more. It's just boring and I think tying up that much capital is a bit of a pain when I have such little to work with. It's a decent hedge though, and keeps me from blowing everything at once. But if I play smart and keep my eggs in separate enough baskets at all times, I'll be fine. I may exit once it pushes past my commission-break even. Meh.

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