Friday, June 6, 2008

REED woes and cheers...

So I watched REED tank to $2.00 the other day. I held on, knowing it'd bounce back. But I didn't buy my belief: I should've bought in another 1,000 shares in if I really believed it'd hit the $2.50 range and average in. Instead, I just sat back. It bounced up to $2.47 in the mean time. Bad call; would've been up $470. Can't let that slip again.

Once it breaches $2.50, I'll sell. And once it hits $2.10-$2.25, I'll buy in again. This one might be my new fun time.

I'm also in AAPL, 40 shares @ $184.something. I'm hoping it pushes up past the $190 resistance we've been seeing.

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