Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Next time, read the damn email... (Wanting AAPL, can't buy...)

So thinkorswim has been bugging me about getting my signature card in. I haven't done that since I established my account and I guess the USA PATRIOT Act requires that. So I got this charming message when trying to buy 40 shares of Apple: "On this account you cannot open new positions." Great.

Time to send the card in. Also, time to hold Apple for a medium play. Their price targets are in the $225 range and they're about to announce something big—almost everyone assumes the 3G iPhone. This is only good news, since there's no gap 'til profit as there was with the last iPhone announcement. It's only going to further entrench the brand with an already successful product. And I think it could surge past $200 and stay that way.

I want to buy in at the $185 point (which is hilarious, considering my first trade was to buy a single share of AAPL @ $123.35 three months ago... Man.

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